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It is believed that most of the elections in Pakistan are rigged by “The Establishment” in order to maintain their government under the umbrella of corrupt politicians. Many people will argue with this statement above that why haven’t establishment rigged the previous elections for Musharaf because who can give them better opportunity then the Musharaf himself. The idea is “support till the support matters” and that is they have done. Musharaf actually lost his public support when he intervene with the Supreme Court and ban electronic and print media. Establishment never wants their hands get dirty in public so they have decided to step back.

In 2008, PPP won the elections with the majority but require different alliances to make the government provincially and nationally so they did alliance with MQM and ANP majorly and also with the different political groups which include but not limited to PML-F and PML-Q. Whoever is in government or in opposition, will never say Zardari isn’t smart. Zardari probably the smartest politician this country ever gets. He take all the political parties in his hands and the only opposition which he have is publically “A Friendly Opposition” thus practically there is no such opposition he had faced since the beginning despite few political issues which he took better care of.

It seems like everything was fine with the civilian government and establishment until “The Memo-gate Scandal”. If you read the timeline of the scandal it seems like nobody wants to handle the scandal properly. Zardari can issue a legal notice to not only financial time but also to Mansoor Ijaz but instead of it president and prime minister have not issued a single statement and media make it a hot topic. Zardari would have definitely upset with Abottabad attack and Mehran base attack because of the fact that our establishment will never like to accept their mistake instead they can topple the government with the coup. Thus it could lead Zardari to contact Americans to save his future. General Pasha visit Mansoor Ijaz upon the orders of his boss General Kayani (as it is suppose) and he convinced his boss that the memo is a fact. PML-N cannot leave this issue , so they involve “Supreme Court” by filling a petition.

Hussain Haqqani was always a controversial figure inside Army by giving visas to Americans (as they claim it) and also for the book he wrote earlier. But only his sacrifice was never matter to the establishment and you can say it trigged the health issue of the president but nearly all the political figures start shouting and media again did their best to make it a hot topic because Farhat-ul-aalh Babar was failed to address media and president had to return earlier.

Zardari is a problem solving man and he can definitely handle this issue but PML-N petition make it more complex to handle. PPP has now started their old fox tactic nowadays by saying “it is an act against democracy” which is their best slogan to be in government for the consecutive five years. Today’s statement of Prime Minister clearly showed the frustration against the establishment and the opposition. Critics have now started claiming that the government is now planning to stand against not only with the Judiciary but also against the establishment because establishment clearly believes that “there is some highest authority involve in the memo-gate scandal”.
There have been so many issues come during the four years of PPP government but Zardari has showed his smartness and handle all the issues smartly but he never get engage himself in any anti-establishment activity. This would be the first time he is standing against them and now 27th Dec will give everyone a better picture what Zardari is planning.

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