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Forget it

Sometimes I really don’t understand why people are so selfish……why they even don’t think about you and say anything they want whether it is right or not…..why they so selfish that they even forget what you have done for them….what you are for them…..and more importantly what do you feel when you come to know that they have done this just for their profit and in that profit you are lost.

Is it always like we do arguments…… we don’t….its like when you do argument and they apparently know that they are wrong and they don’t want to accept……then only you are doing arguments…….wow what a great thing…..and the most funny thing in all the argument is always ………..”Forget It” ……forget it ?? but why???? why I always forget everything and you don’t…..and why I have to stop because you are not in mood of argument??? and when I was listening why do you always suppose that I like to listen these stuff…..No I don’t…..I don’t like this but I do listen it quietly because I feel that you need to flushed it out on someone then why not me because I think I can not also listen to it but also give you advise……but they great thing of you is you don’t really care about anyone….yes…you don’t care about anyone…you are a selfish person… are SELFISH….you like to hurt people and when people made you realize it……you say FORGET IT

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